Art Creation Program

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Through a partnership with Artisans Angkor, a famous art school in Angkor Wat, we discovered many talented Cambodian children. By doing so, we were able to nurture their skills by providing them with art training courses. These workshops were conducted with readily available materials to inspire the students to be inventive and creative with their own pieces. They involve lessons that guide students to observe and ponder over activities, learn about various paintings and other mediums of art. All of these activities give them the opportunity to be able to plan their projects and products. Instead of selling souvenirs on the streets or relying on donations, they were able to develop their skills and be self-sufficient. 


Nutritional lunch

Cambodian students often have chronic energy deficiency due to lack of protein intake which results in stunted growth and poorly developed bodies. We use the bi-weekly Art Creation classes to provide a nutritious lunch and supply a balanced meal with meat and eggs for students. Through this we will also track improvements in height and weight. Students will often save some food to take home to share with their families, or bring their younger siblings to lunch.



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