About Us

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About Us

In December 2010, Formosa Budding Hope Organization was co-founded by the current CEO, Sally Yu, and Dr. Hsu Yu-pi. Determined to ease the devastation caused by the Cambodian Civil War, they enlisted a group of like-minded individuals to help them. As an NGO, they aim to support families in developing countries and remote districts of Taiwan.

Sally Yu was a backpacker traveling to Cambodia in 2009 when she quit her job in Australia to devote herself to the underprivileged Cambodians. She cooperated with Dr. Hsu Yu-pi, who had been providing free dental services in Cambodia since 2007.

The core belief of the Formosa Budding Hope Organization is to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), set by the United Nations. This includes the provision of medical care, education and personal hygiene improvement for poverty-stricken families. To ensure sustainable development, they plan to carry out various missions and service programs.


Our Mission & Values

1. Providing humanitarian aid to people in developing countries and remote areas of Taiwan.

2. Providing people in developing countries with international medical assistance.

3. Planning poverty alleviation and education programs for developing countries and rural districts of Taiwan.

4. Promoting cooperation with international NGOs.