Cambodian Child Sponsorship Program

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The office located in Angkor Thom currently serves 400 children in 18 villages across 3 communes. Despite being well developed, the program requires funding. The communes and their villages are listed below:

  1. Leang Dia Commune (LD): Leang Dia Village, Kok Kreurl Village, Tropeang Svay Village, Phlong Village, Don Ov Village, Taprok Village, Somrong Village, Bompenh Reach Village, Spean Thmei Village.

  2. PeakSneng Commune (PS): Peak Sneng Thmei Village, Peak Sneng Chas Village, Chubsom Village, Sandan Village, Leab Village, Kting Village.

  3. Chub Prasat Commune (CP): Tropeangtuk Village, Chub Village, Prasat Village.


Sponsorship options are listed below:

    • NT$700 (monthly) = providing food monthly; uniforms, shoes and various school supplies are provided at the beginning of a semester.

    • NT$300 (monthly) = provision of after school class tuitions for high school students

    • NT$2100 = Supporting a child whose home is more than 3km from the school to buy a bike for the commute.


From any recurring sponsorships, children will receive healthy meals to reduce hunger and obtain sufficient nutrition. They will be given school uniforms, stationery items, shoes, books and bicycles when required in order to make sure they obtain education. If the children perform exceptionally well and work hard, they will be additionally rewarded. We will visit the children periodically to conduct a status check which ensures good behavior, no domestic violence and rapid assistance in case of emergency. There is a strong connection between students and the Organization by provision of a healthy, safe and supportive environment. However, difficulties arise due to lack of funding for essential items for high school students and the payment of after school tuition fees. Thus, selecting the NT$1,000 sponsorship plan will be extremely beneficial to a student and improve the quality of their life.


In addition to this, students need to walk many miles to their schools. Bicycles are offered for beneficiaries to shorten their travel time and drastically reduce dropout rates. Sponsors are welcomed to fund bicycles for students by providing NT$2,100.

Any and all donations are welcomed.